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Why a publicly owned energy company for London?

Owned by us

Big private companies are cashing in from our out of control fuel bills. We want an energy company run for the people it serves, not for profit.

Fairer Pricing

Over one million Londoners are in fuel poverty, choosing between heating and eating in the winter. We want an energy company that offers fair, affordable prices.

Cleaner & greener

To tackle climate change and curb air pollution, London needs to make the move to clean, renewable energy technology fit for the twenty-first century. We want a 100% clean energy company.


Decisions about energy affect our health, our environments and our everyday lives. We want a company that listens and gives everyone a say!


We are campaigning for a publicly owned energy company that London can be proud of.
We want a non-profit company that cuts bills & cuts pollution...

We are calling on the Greater London Authority (GLA) – in collaboration with London boroughs – to set up a new people-powered energy company.

From Nottingham to Bristol, cities across Britain are leaving the Big Six behind by setting up their own, non-profit energy companies.

We don’t want ordinary Londoners to lose out. We’re getting ripped off by big energy companies and deserve something better.

We want a new public company that cuts bills and cuts polluting carbon emissions. A non-profit company with social justice, clean energy and democracy at its core. To make a start on funding this, the GLA should divest its £4.8billion pension fund from fossil fuels and reinvest in the people's energy company we're calling for.

  • Publicly owned

    For people, not for profit.

  • Cleaner & Greener

    Powered by renewables

  • Fairer prices

    Tackling Fuel Poverty

  • Democratic

    Controlled by ordinary Londoners

A broad coalition including...

Switched On London is a broad campaign coalition, a few of our supporters include:
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Fuel Poverty Action

Fuel Poverty Action campaigns against the injustice of cold homes by turning up the heat on rip-off energy companies and the politicians in their pockets.
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Platform London

Platform combines art, activism, education and research in one organisation. This approach enables us to create unique projects driven by the need for social and ecological justice.
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PCS Union

The Public & Commercial Services Union (PCS) is one of the largest trade unions in the UK. PCS are organised through the civil service & government agencies, and also organise widely in the private sector.
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NEF is the UK’s leading think tank promoting social, economic and environmental justice. NEF’s aim is to transform the economy so that it works for people and the planet.

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