Take action to stop Sadiq Khan breaking his key climate promises

Our energy system is setup to generate profit for energy companies at the expense of ordinary people and the climate. Energy bills are too high, and over one million Londoners are forced to live in fuel poverty. The corporations that dominate our energy system use their wealth and power to stop the transition to a socially just, clean economy. We need to radically change how energy is produced and who controls our energy system. We need energy democracy.

Thanks to the campaigning we’ve been doing together, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan pledged in his election manifesto to set up a public energy company for London. A public energy company could deliver clean, affordable energy for our capital and invest in renewables. It could be a vital step towards a different type of energy system.

Now the Mayor is going back on his promise. This is a missed opportunity to tackle fuel poverty and climate change. Sadiq has also broken his election pledge to fully divest the Greater London Authority’s pension funds from fossil fuel companies.

Fill out the form below to send a response to the Greater London Authority’s environment consultation. Join us in telling Sadiq he won’t get away with breaking his climate promises and protecting our broken energy system.