It’s time for London to Leap

  London faces the biggest crisis in recent memory. Burning fossil fuels is destroying our climate, social cleansing, filthy air, racial injustice and precarious jobs are making London an increasingly difficult city to live in and our voices are not being heard. Climate change demands wholesale transformation – social, economic and cultural. London played a[…]

Press release: 50 Londoners halt Mayor’s Question Time, demand Khan keeps climate promises

For immediate release. Contact: Emma Hughes – 0780140192 / Anna Galkina – 07942044472 / / @SwitchedOnLdn Photos available from Video available after 1pm from 16 November 2017 City Hall. At 10:00am today, fifty Londoners brought Mayor’s Question Time to a standstill demanding that Sadiq Khan keep his election pledges on climate. The session was dramatically interrupted as groups, including the[…]

Response to May’s bill price cap: “tinkering that props up failing energy system”

Responding to Theresa May’s announcement of a fuel bill cap, Switched On campaigners brand it “tinkering that props up failing energy system”. Campaigner Emma Hughes said “Theresa May’s announcement on energy will fail to fix the energy crisis – it’s another tweak that won’t deliver. While private Big 6 companies extract profit from our need for[…]

Mayor shelved full license energy company to prioritise short term political gains

Mayor of London’s own report reveals he scaled back his Energy for Londoners scheme to prioritise short-term delivery Sets out significant costs to revenues, carbon reductions and job creation Campaign coalition criticise Mayor’s short-termism Contact: Emma Hughes, 07801140192 @SwitchedOnLDN A newly published GLA report [1] reveals that the Mayor of London scaled back his Energy[…]