Creating a People-Powered Energy Company: Have Your Say!

Join us on Thursday 4th February at City Hall to share your ideas for the new people’s energy company we’re campaigning for.

Switched On London is campaigning for a publicly owned energy company that London can be proud of. We want an affordable, democratic and environmentally sustainable alternative to the Big Six.

Our fuel bills are out of control, leaving us with cold homes and struggling to make ends meet. But the profits of the Big Six energy companies keep on sky-rocketing.

Meanwhile, thousands of Londoners die from air pollution each year. And while other major European cities are making bold commitments to renewable energy, London is lagging behind on climate change.

We don’t have to accept profiteering, poverty and pollution. There is an alternative.

We’re calling on the Greater London Authority – in collaboration with London boroughs – to set up a new, publicly owned energy company. We want an energy company that cuts bills and cuts polluting carbon emissions. A company with social justice, clean energy and democracy at its core.

Join us for a workshop developing ideas for this public energy company. We want to hear what you would want to see in this new energy company. How should it be run? Who should get a say? What should it prioritise?

We’ll be discussing how to develop a London-wide movement demanding a fair, clean future for our energy system, and we want to hear your views!

Photo: Pete Riches, Creative Commons


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