Our Response to British Gas Price Hikes

Response to British Gas’s Planned Price Hike

Laura Hill from Switched On campaign group said

“We are disgusted to hear that British Gas are again planning to hike up prices in order to maximize their bottom line. This will really hurt hard pressed households, many of whom spent the winter months shivering in their homes.

People need a genuine alternative to these rip-off merchants. By setting up local public energy companies that put affordable bills before profit, the government can ensure people are able to heat their homes. This is a basic need, not a luxury.”

Switched On (http://switchedonlondon.org.uk/) are a movement publicly controlled energy that is affordable, green and democratic. From Nottingham to Bristol, cities across Britain are leaving the Big Six behind by setting up their own, non-profit energy companies that cuts bills and polluting carbon emissions. A non-profit company with social justice, clean energy and democracy at its core.

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