Response to May’s bill price cap: “tinkering that props up failing energy system”

Responding to Theresa May’s announcement of a fuel bill cap, Switched On campaigners brand it “tinkering that props up failing energy system”.
Campaigner Emma Hughes said
“Theresa May’s announcement on energy will fail to fix the energy crisis – it’s another tweak that won’t deliver. While private Big 6 companies extract profit from our need for heat and electricity, millions of people will be ripped off – with or without a cap. Without public ownership of utilities, the government are just offering us the same old companies, the same old creaky energy system. “
Energy Economist Mika Minio-Paluello said
“We need a fundamental rethink of our energy system. Cities like Nottingham and Bristol have shown that public energy companies can provide cheaper, cleaner and more democratic electricity. Public ownership of local clean energy will lead to lower bills, more jobs and a repowered Britain.”
Switched On ( is a movement for publicly controlled energy that is affordable, green and democratic.
Contact: Emma Hughes / / 07801140192

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