Sturgeon’s Public Energy Vs May’s Price Cap


Today Nicola Sturgeon pledged to set up a state owned Scottish energy company to provide cheaper energy to households.

Switched On  – a coalition group of trade unions, community energy , fuel poverty and faith groups responded:

“There is plenty besides Strepsils that Theresa May should follow Nicola Sturgeon’s lead on. The First Minister’s plans for a public energy company will deliver clean, affordable fuel for Scotland and invest in renewable energy generation. It beats May’s price cap hands down. Instead of tinkering with an energy market that is no longer fit for purpose this public energy company puts Scotland at the forefront of low carbon fuel – at a price people can afford.

We hope the Scottish Government will create a company that gives people a real say over how their energy is produced and stick to the 2021 timetable Sturgeon set them”

Emma Hughes, Switched on London

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